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Academic Labor: Research and Artistry (Journals)

ISSN 2380-2081

Academic Labor: Research and Artistry is a peer-reviewed open access academic journal launched in 2016 by the Center for the Study of Academic Labor (CSAL) at Colorado State University. The journal seeks to motivate ongoing research on matters relating to tenure and contingency in the academy. Along with our center and web site, we seek to become a research home for those undertaking scholarship in areas broadly defined as tenure studies and contingency studies. To meet this objective, we encourage a wide range of contributions, from the statistical to the historic/archival, from the theoretical to the applied, from the researched to the creative, and from empirical to essayist forms. Our editors and reviewers include social scientists, artists, and theorists specializing in labor issues.

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Career and Curriculum Connections: integrating career education across the disciplines (Journals)

The purpose and value attributed to higher education has broadened in recent years to go beyond educating a global citizenry to include the employability and skills of our graduates and the expectations of their future employers.

The Humboldt State University community remains committed to the social value of a college bachelor’s education as core to the development of life long learning skills and engaged global citizenship. In support of this goal, we have become more proactive and creative in our support to help students actively connect their academic, disciplinary experience to their career options and aspirations. Throughout this process we have come to recognize the opportunity this work offers to bridge the gap between academic and student support staff allowing multiple departments and divisions across campus to work toward the success of our students.

There is currently little available in terms of literature and research addressing career curriculum, practices related to teaching career readiness, or the pedagogical benefits of adding career components to existing courses. The vast majority of resources and literature approaches career services on college campuses through the lens of psychology, counseling and advising. While this is understandable, the demands for increased marketability of bachelors’ degrees have led to innovation and collaboration that has brought career services out of the periphery and into the field of academic affairs.

In efforts to address these needs, this working paper series is designed to enable a broader conversation about career curriculum and support anyone who works in this field as faculty, professional staff, or students on the receiving end of our collective efforts.

We have four areas of particular interest over the 2017-18 and 2018-2019 academic years regarding this unique approach to integrating academic disciplines and career preparation within major curriculum:

Discipline Specific Orientation: HSU’s unique contribution to the field is the discipline-specific design that allows programs to ensure they are able to maintain the integrity of their disciplines, integrate valuable practices that have been shown to enhance their curriculum, help students market their major-specific experience and demonstrate their employability.

Most of the literature on career development for college students addresses the extra-curricular or co-curricular services of career centers. Some of the literature seeks to address career-related courses and co-curricular, elective programs and even a few universities have large-scale, integrated efforts that require some career readiness interventions for their students.

Student Impact: By connecting curriculum with aspirations and interests that go beyond the four years a student spends in college, the material gains a new level of relevancy and the assignments afford new connections between students, faculty and staff. Integrating career education within majors appears to meet the criteria pertaining to high-impact practices and already shows promise in positively affecting student retention, major retention, graduation rates and classroom performance. Our efforts over the next couple years will be to back up this assertion with data and assessment of these integrated programs.

Equity: In traditional models of education, students who are comfortable approaching faculty or staff and navigating professional environments are the students who primarily receive support, instruction, and mentorship on preparing for their professional and future academic endeavors. Research demonstrates that our First Generation College Students (FGCS) and Underrepresented Groups (URGs) are the students who need these interventions the most to ensure efficacy and increased career capital. Embedding professional development within the curriculum secures a greater degree of equity for all students.

Curriculum and Pedagogy: There is a dearth literature on career curriculum and course design, therefore there is need to share and provide resources on best practices, innovative design, assessment, course design and program level implementation.

We are interested in promoting discussion and encourage papers from any and all people in this field. Our intention is to increase awareness and promote success, opportunity and the efficacy of integrating career education into curriculum. We will publish material either under a process of peer review or editor only review in an effort to ensure standards while broadening the scope of case studies and to encourage those who may not have the time for longer-term, formal research can contribute to the collective knowledge.

Celebrating Writers and Writing in our Communities (Journals)

Redwood Writing Project and Redwood Council Teachers of English co-sponsor this annual event! This contest has been a tradition of the Redwood Council of CATE for many years now and is an opportunity for young writers to compete for recognition and publication of their work as well as to showcase their writing abilities to a broader audience. See the Redwood Writing Contents website for more information

Explore the 2019 winners below.

Explore the 2018 winners here.

CouRaGeouS Cuentos: A Journal of Counternarratives (Journals)

This journal is a publication by the Department of Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies (CRGS) at Humboldt State University with submissions of creative writing works by students in the Ethnic Studies 107: Chican@ / Latin@ Lives and Ethnic Studies 480: Growing Up Chicana/Latino classes.

Expanding Understanding: Exploring Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Philosophy (Journals)

Welcome to Expanding Understanding: Exploring Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Philosophy

The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for interdisciplinary philosophical exploration. By showcasing both traditional and non-traditional philosophical works we hope to increase interest in philosophy and aid in the flourishing of our university communities.

See Aims and Scope for coverage of the journal and information about the upcoming issue including: the call for papers and the type-specific submission guidelines.

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Humboldt Journal of Social Relations (Journals)

ISSN 0160-4341

HJSR Special Issue May 2020: California Genocide and Healing- Deadline November 22nd, 2019

Call for Papers

Humboldt Journal of Social Relations

IdeaFest: Interdisciplinary Journal of Creative Works and Research from Humboldt State University (Journals)

IdeaFest Journal is an annual, peer-reviewed journal that showcases the work of faculty, staff, and students at Humboldt State University. The journal is an outgrowth of Humboldt State University’s IdeaFest, a day-long event which celebrates the collaborative research and creative projects of faculty and students from across campus.

The journal is open to all members of the Humboldt State University community, regardless of involvement in ideaFest events. The deadline for submission is January 6, 2020.

Contact us with questions at

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Journal, Arcata High School, The World "The way we saw it" (The World "The way we saw it")

Welcome to The World "The way we saw it." This publication showcases research and creative student work across Arcata High School.

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Journal, HSU World Languages and Cultures, The World "The way we saw it" (The World "The way we saw it")

Welcome to The World "The way we saw it." This publication showcases research and creative student work across the HSU Department of World Languages and Cultures.

Click the title to download a free digital version of the book. To see previous versions of the book, select the volume year from the left-side menu.

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Redwood Roots Magazine (Journals)

We are excited to announce the inaugural edition of our new magazine about community-based learning at Humboldt State University and stories of service in Humboldt County.

Every year, around a thousand students serve in the community or work on projects that benefit our local community, enhancing our college experience in the process. These are some of the best, untold stories of our time here together.

We are accepting submissions for our 2018-2019, inaugural issue, and invite you to share your story. If you are wondering if your experience is what we are hoping for, please send it in, it probably is.

Submission deadline is May 17, 2019.

Please submit by selecting the "Submit Work" button on the left-side menu and then the pink button on the top of the following page. Please send all inquiries to Kelly Fortner at

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Innovative Pedagogy (Journals)

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Innovative Pedagogy

An Interdisciplinary Journal of Discovery, Reflection, and Evidence-Based Higher Education Teaching/Learning Methods and Research, Focusing on Innovative Pedagogy.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Innovative Pedagogy is a collaborative journal published by the Humboldt State University Center for Teaching and Learning and the Humboldt State University Library for the promotion of scholarly pursuits in innovative teaching and learning. The journal is published annually and is edited by a review board of staff and faculty.

We are especially interested in the following topics for this issue:

  • Instructional design and adaptations in instruction
  • Experimental or trial-and-error SOTL
  • Cross-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, and/or trans-disciplinary programs
  • Open educational resources and open pedagogy
  • Assessment
  • Information literacy or metaliteracy and integration thinking
  • Exploring the landscape with new educational partnerships

Deadline for submission is January 6, 2020. Select the Submit Article link on the left-side menu bar to submit your research article, case study, or other artifact for consideration in the journal.

The International Journal of Ecopsychology (IJE) (Journals)

The International Journal of Ecopsychology (IJE) is an evidence-based publishing venue for interdisciplinary and field-specific approaches termed “ecopsychological.” IJE publishes theory, research, and application articles on human-natural spaces affiliatory interactions/dynamics—nature estrangement and/or alienation. Both terms, “eco” and “psychology,” are scientifically emphasized and equally regarded. IJE welcomes diverse evidence-based perspectives from academics and researchers around the world.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal. See also the Preamble to Volume 1:

Toyon Literary Magazine (Journals)

ISSN 2640-4176

Toyon is a multilingual journal of literature and art that is edited and produced by Humboldt State University students from all disciplines. While Toyon receives submissions from all over the planet, it is also a journal of North Coast writing and art, and particularly welcomes new voices. Toyon charges no reading fees, and all selections are made through blind review.