Booger! Poetry for the Young and the Young at Heart


Booger! is an upcoming poetry anthology for the young and the young at heart. We aim to inspire laughter, kindness, and the love of poetry. But in order to make Booger! a reality, we need poems. That’s where you come in! We are looking for children’s poetry written by the folx that make up and support our rich Cal Poly Humboldt community. If you are a student, teacher, alumnus, department staff, or any other kind of community member, then we want you to submit!

And so what if you don’t consider yourself a poet? We get it. Sometimes poetry can seem like a mystical art, locked away for only the most well-trained professionals to comprehend. But that’s simply not true! Anyone and everyone can find joy in poetry. Even if you have no background in poetry, now is your chance to try it out without fear of judgment. While we want this collection to be enjoyable for any reader, we’re envisioning our primary audience to be between the ages of four and eleven. As poets, that allows us the freedom to be silly and just have fun with it!

So it’s time to whip up your most hilarious haikus, sidesplitting sonnets, ludicrous limericks, and fantastical free verse–all child friendly, of course. Our goal is not only to tickle the funny bone but to inspire the next generation of poets through lessons of growth, inclusivity, family, and curiosity.

Get wacky. Get witty. Get whimsical. But most importantly, get writing.