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Redwood Roots Magazine, Fall 2020


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As we were putting together the second edition of this magazine, we wanted to acknowledge what a challenging year this has been. With the health impacts and isolation individuals are experiencing through COVID-19, the distress and displacement due to wildfires throughout the state, compounded with the systemic violence and discrimination enabled systematically; we are all living through an intense time of change right now. We at Redwood Roots believe in the importance of creating a direct, diverse, and transparent platform to share stories while promoting lasting change. This magazine is important to us and we are grateful to you for choosing to engage with it. --Redwood Roots Staff



Community Geography: A Partnership Between HSU Students and the Humboldt Community
Amy Rock, Arvel Reeves, Faith Rehagen, and Christopher Jones


Service in the Time of COVID
Kyra Skylark and Loren M. Collins