Volume 67, Issue 1 (2021) De Dos Lados

Fall 2020 Staff

Managing Editor
Theressa Lopez

Editorial Team Leads, Acquisitions Editors
Cammie Eiliers and Emilio Medina
Division Editors, Fiction and Playwriting
Sheryl Colgrove and Ariana Alexander
Division Editors, Creative Non-fiction
Lisa Salcido and Connie Pearson
Division Editors, Poetry
Robin Freiberg and Cammie Eilers
Division Editors, Critical Analysis
Josie Blubaugh and Julia Sisk
Division Editors, Multilingual Award
Theressa Lopez, Emilio Medina, and Kevin Rios

Spoken Word, EJ, and Web
Team Lead and Social Media Managers
Junee Banks and Nate Yandall
Division Editor for the Environmental Justice Award
Kaitlyn O'Dell and Savannah Sonia
Archive Editor
Kevin Rios
Spoken Word Editor
Junee Banks

Production Team Lead
Joshua Lamason
Visual Art Editor and Cover Designer
Joshua Lamason
Typesetters and Book Designers
Alyssa Mendoza and Maya Fielding
Faculty Advisor
Marcos Hernandez

Spring 2021 Staff

Translation Team
Natalie Raquel Acuña, Ernie Iniguez, and Brittany Muñoz-Garcia

Production Team
Joshua Lamason, Heidi Woods, and Rhett Davis

Ebook Team
Sheryl Colgrove and Rachel O'Shaughnessy

Audiobook and Spoken Word Team
Connie Pearson, Alex Weber, and Sloan Volenec

Publicity Team
Junee Banks, Alison Silver, and Ari Lentini