About This Journal

About this Journal

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Innovative Pedagogy is a collaboration between Academic Technology and the HSU Library for the promotion of scholarly pursuits in innovative teaching and learning. The journal is published annually and is edited by a review board of staff and faculty.

The Journal is a refereed, open-access publication created to encourage scholarly work across the disciplines, and aims to enable staff, faculty, and students to share efforts in the scholarship of teaching and learning with the development of campus case studies. A primary focus will be the study, implementation and analysis of modern teaching methods, such as active learning, high impact practices, the use of universal design principles, project based learning, the implementation of open educational resources, creative use of academic technology and more.

The Journal facilitates an ongoing cycle of systematic inquiry into classroom practices of all types and showcases the work of faculty, staff, and students. The Journal accepts a variety of scholarly and non-scholarly submissions. For scholarly articles, the Journal facilitates open peer-review by a minimum of two subject experts. SoTLIP is indexed with and included in a number of prominent international databases.

The Journal’s objectives are to:

1. Facilitate faculty teaching and learning scholarship, providing technical/pedagogy resources and support;

2. Enable an effectual mode for evidence-based inquiry, analysis, and dissemination;

3. Catalyze constructive, credible peer-review methods utilizing academic, scientific, and professional standards;

Develop a community of scholars who are able to use evidence-based research in regards to the directed optimization of teaching and learning practices.

Select the Submit Article link on the left-side menu bar to submit your research article for consideration in the journal.

CONTRIBUTORS: Any staff, faculty or student. Submissions may have single authors. Co-authors are highly encouraged. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to use the resources of teaching and learning experts in developing content for this journal, and seeking out campus experts on the topics of design, pedagogy, and student centered tactics.

GENRES ACCEPTED: Genres may include, but are not limited to scholarly articles, case studies, analytics analysis, working papers, conference proceedings, audio and video recordings, news articles, and infographics. Please limit text submissions to 4,000 words and recordings to 15 minutes in length.

For further information, please contact Kyle Morgan at kyle.morgan@humboldt.edu:

BECOME A REVIEWER: Support the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and your own professional development by signing up as a potential peer-reviewer for the journal.

For further information, please contact any of the managing editors.