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There has been a growing awareness of the importance of worksite wellness among employees. Assessing the wellness needs of the University campus communities following traumatic events is a pressing topic. From 2017- 2021, Butte County, including California State University, Chico (Chico State), experienced a series of extreme traumas. This research aims to provide a holistic needs assessment of wellness among University employees after experiencing traumas. This study used a survey administered from December 2020 to January 2021, the end of the second semester of remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic at Chico State, to assess employee wellness needs. The quantitative results from a total of 324 survey responses showed that two dimensions of wellbeing that employees rated highest in terms of what their organization engages or promotes were intellectual and relational wellbeing. The two dimensions rated lowest were physical and spiritual wellbeing. The qualitative results showed specific areas of concern that emerged from the survey, including a need for increased healthy lifestyle behaviors, a balanced workload, and a desire for a sense of value within the institution. The findings of this study provide opportunities for improving the wellness among Chico State University employees and also inform other university campuses.

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