The importance of teamwork and group involvement is essential not only in school to complete a common goal, but employers need to know that you have cooperation skills and the ability to collaborate with others in a diverse setting effectively. As my roommates and I arrived from different parts of California into a rural small county called Humboldt, we all came for the environment, but perhaps for distinctively altered reasons. We looked to develop improved relationships as well as group communication within the confines of our living space. Additionally, the goal was to maintain and manage a clean environment within our dorm room. For some of us, it's the first time living alone without our parents, however, we don't have them to clean up after ourselves anymore. Even though we each have our separate rooms, sharing and cleaning the kitchen, as well as the bathrooms, have already created certain tensions within our group.

The purpose of this research is to investigate how individuals within the collegiate academic level form relationships amongst their roommates. We are all different in our personal characteristics, however, the end goal is to maintain and manage a clean environment. With each passing day, we learn more from each other whether it’s flaws, skills, or strengths. We, in a sense, are forced to live with each other. Getting to know my roommates has been interesting. Each person is different and unique in their way. To co-exist in tranquility and create a safe space, we need to understand the importance of roles. We all need each other to do task chores because it will make for a suitable environment. Each person within our confines has their own particular set of skill sets that are brought to the table which help make living effortless.


Fall 2020

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