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The reasoning for this paper is to influence you to take communication classes not only for credits or units for your major, but to further your knowledge, skills, and experience as a person. To start off this paper I talk about an interview with a manager about interviews and resumes. Then I talk about all of the communication classes that you can take and how it helps. These communication classes that are mentioned in this paper will help you the most in your employment wherever that may be. This paper will go over what employers look for in you as well as what will help you during employment. I will also talk about 4 skills that you will learn when taking communication classes (problem solving skills, the ability to work in a team setting, communication skills, and adaptability). The Communication classes that will be vital to take are Communication 490, Communication 206 Group communication, Communication 110 public speaking, Communication 120 and 322 intercultural communication, and Communication 324 nonverbal communication. There are many more classes that you can take and all of them will help. The communication department is willing to help you with your future and are very nice. Making the communication major an all around great choice in a major.


Fall 2020

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