This paper is centered around the misrepresentation of women in the media and the implications that it has had on the treatment of women’s rights in society. The media is defined as television, movies, advertisements, etc. Women have been represented as being oversimplified through their stereotypical portrayal as housewives and mothers in the media, alongside being hypersexualized through their clothing and body image. Both of these forms of portrayals have had negative effects on women. Young girls are now being targeted as well through the explicit tones that the advertising of children’s toys creates. This paper aims to demonstrate how women have been disadvantaged through their stereotypical portrayal in the media and the ways in which that has led to their rights being disregarded in society. The overturning of the legal case Roe v. Wade is a prime example used in this paper to demonstrate a direct way in which women have been disadvantaged and the ways that their portrayals in the media may have led to this. This paper also aims to convince society that changes must be made to the ways that we show women in the media.


Fall 2022

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