Through the use of online dating apps, individuals are having the chance to begin, develop, and end interpersonal relationships without ever even meeting the partner in person. It is assumed that this is happening due to the lack of primary tension in initial contact, as uncertainty reduction can take place from behind a screen. This study sought to connect the theories between Uncertainty Reduction Theory and mobile interpersonal relationships. The axioms of Charles Berger’s theory come into play during online dating as the eight key variables of relationship development are utilized in most successful interpersonal relationships to further intimacy, in an attempt to reduce primary tension. To further connect, four information-seeking strategies can be utilized during the online dating experience as people have the ability to observe online interaction, seek information from a third party online source, talk directly to the person of interest, and browse the internet for information about them as well. Through these primary connections between URT and mobile interpersonal relationships, areas of interest for further research can be actions towards comparing those who reduce uncertainty in an online platform versus those who do in-person in a longitudinal study.


Fall 2022

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