This essay aims to detail the mechanics, structure, history, and ideology of cannabis from a socio-cultural perspective within the United States. However, it does contain some content that I believe will correlate with an international perspective. My emphasis in conducting this research is to look at the ways in which cannabis acts as a societal communication artifact, and in doing so, how it has formed a vast and highly identifiable culture. I believe that Cannabis acts as a communication tool both socially and interpersonally, with both notions being equally important to the culture overall. Cannabis has language, looks, and sounds, that come along with it, and these are vital aspects of what makes cannabis a communicative culture. With the recent societal advances in cannabis becoming widely decriminalized and regulated, the cannabis industry is moving from the hills to board room and consumer demographics are broad as ever. I am interested in exploring the ways in which the social and cultural component of cannabis was developed and how this has shifted and evolved, all while staying relatively true to its roots.


Fall 2022

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