The goal of this paper is to exemplify rhetorical criticism to examine an artifact. Specifically, this paper will use the method of ideological criticism to identify ideologies embedded in a commercial. In the case of this paper, the commercial being examined is a Ford truck commercial titled, Ford for the Builders, Built for America. This paper will identify and explain the ideologies used to advertise Ford trucks. It is important to be able to identify ideologies embedded in things like commercials in order to not be blind to cultivation theory. Which is a theory created by Professor George Gerber in the 1960s. Overall, the goal is to identify messages which are communicated through advertisement. Ford is one of the original American businesses and every person in this country who has been around television and or the internet has seen their ads. This paper will identify the meanings they are trying to portray with their ads. Along with why they would choose to communicate those ideologies in their advertisement. When a person is able to identify ideologies being portrayed by someone or something else they can be less affected by them. Moreover, this paper may teach a reader how to embed meaning into their own rhetoric by comprehending the dissecting of rhetoric.


Fall 2022

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