This paper examines the correlation between the Your Own Backyard podcast and the rebooting of the Kristin Smart missing persons case. This case had gone cold and seemingly ignored for nearly 25 years, until 2019 when the podcast was created. The host conducted immense amounts of research to try and figure out what happened to Kristin, and in doing so, brought her case back to to the public’s attention. The actions of the podcast host caused the police to become more active on the case again. Because of the podcast, the prime suspect was finally arrested and will be held on trial.

Podcasting has become such a prevalent part of our media intake, with an even bigger impact on us than we might think. Podcasting seems to be becoming a very powerful form of communication. To examine this, we will focus on the history of podcasting, with the intent to show how podcasting can now be considered a form of journalism. Additionally, we will compare printed media with podcast media and how they differ when it comes to bringing awareness to missing persons cases.


Spring 2022


Podcasting, True Crime, Journalism, Kristin Smart

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