The goal of my academic research is to highlight the importance of appropriate, scientifically correct and accurate communication when discussing Environmental Health. If we want to begin making changes to help our environment to become more sustainable and ultimately provide more years of existence we must stop the lies, propaganda and spread of misinformation. “Communication constructs a social world that is relational, collaborative, strategic, symbolic, and adaptive” (Learning Outcomes in Communication). The objective is to understand the discourse on environmental issues and try to use our communication discipline to engage and dissect this issue from a Communication perspective. Our standards when talking about environmental issues should be high due to the severity. Recognizing discourse and critically analyzing the messages we are consuming on climate change is important for our own interpretation. As for writers with any type of platform it is our responsibility to create accurate messages for audiences to absorb and make sense of. When communicating about the environment our ethical principles and values should be present. As a society it is very important to practice sharing knowledgeable information to provide truth. Political gain and financial gain should be stopped when compromising our environmental health. We can make a difference if we work to disrupt this discourse and use academia to help save our planet. It is unethical to destroy a whole civilization’s environment for private financial gain. All humans will suffer the consequences of this discourse one day if we do not aim to be accurate and appropriate when communicating about environmental health.


Spring 2022

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