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This paper examines the impact of communication practices of university administration (openness and inclusion) on the student body’s sense of satisfaction, value, and connectedness by focusing on a selected collection of past moments of communication from administration to students. A total of five current instances where official emails were sent out addressing a handful of the biggest impactful events at the university and the following reactions from the overall student body was used as the qualitative data to analyze the effectiveness of such communication choices. Results of the observations confirmed that the current practices of the university administration were no longer considered wholly acceptable or consistent with the values not only claimed by the university, but also those expressed and attached to the student body identity. More importantly, they showed the clear need for more value and inclusion to be put on student voices regarding big events and decisions made by administrators. The study concludes with the implications of what path the current practices will lead Humboldt State University if not addressed and altered to match the current organizational culture and environment.


Fall 2020

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