What is popular culture and how does it influence us? How can we be more critically aware consumers of media messages? Are we always "online", or is there some way we can disconnect? These are the questions I've attempted to define through my research and experience studying contemporary "pop culture". Consider this a beginner’s guide on how to become aware of and deal with the constant bombardment of media messages, and how to become a filter for content, rather than a sponge. As critical consumers of media we can cater our consumption to better suit our needs and lifestyles. This paper was mainly intended to raise awareness, but also to motivate and inspire us to: disconnect from the noise of society, to get out in nature, and to be positive role models for future generations. I’ve come to the conclusion that you can never fully disconnect, but we can get close if we really try. The important thing is to find a healthy balance, once we become aware of the pervasiveness of media influence in our lives.


Fall 2020

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