In this academic research paper I will be analyzing the procedures and practices of the high school that I attended, Academy of the Redwoods. Academy of the Redwoods is an early college preparatory high school located amongst the redwoods in Eureka, California. It was a very different school in comparison to average high schools around the country and thus, a unique experience. Therefore, I will be comparing the dynamics of Academy of the Redwoods in conjunction to normal high schools using academic journals and sources. Some of the areas that I focus on are the school atmosphere and student life, advantages and disadvantages of attending early college high schools, attending college courses as a teenager, and class sizes. I also talk about the relationship between Academy of the Redwoods and the community college that it exists on, College of the Redwoods. Additionally, I will be looking at Academy of the Redwoods using theoretical communication approaches such as human relations approach, organizational culture, bureaucracy, organizational communication, and the systems perspective.


Fall 2020

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