Submission Guidelines for Projects

Who Can Submit

Projects only publishes materials about work conducted under the auspices of Projects. For additional information, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at .


Preparing to Submit

All information regarding the format requirements of your work can be found at the Graduate Studies website. Using the templates provided there and using the Graduate Student Handbook will help to make sure that your work will be be approved by Graduate Studies.

How to Submit a Paper

Make sure your paper is in an acceptable format. We can accept papers in Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format (RTF), or Adobe Acrobat (PDF).

If you use a word-processing program other than Microsoft Word, look for an "export" or "save as" option in your program to save it as an RTF file. If you have questions, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at .

After you submit your paper, we will create an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version of the paper. We will then send you a message asking you to approve the PDF version. Please look it over within 5 days and reply to as soon as possible.

How to Revise Your Paper

If you would like to post a revised version of your paper on the site, please follow the instructions in How to Submit; however, please specify when you submit the paper that it is a revision of a previously submitted paper.

Review Process

The student submits the initial drafts of their project for review by their committee members, who review the drafts and make corrections and recommendations. The student corrects errors and incorporates suggested changes to the project or meets with their advisor/committee chair to discuss why suggested changes should not be made. Several drafts may be provided to the committee.

The Approval Process

When each committee member is satisfied with the document, the major professor forwards the approved document to the program graduate coordinator. After approval by the program graduate coordinator the document is reviewed by Graduate Studies for compliance with the university formatting requirements.