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Spring 2017

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Master of Arts degree with a major in English, Composition Studies & Pedagogy

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Dr. Suzanne Scott

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Dr. Michael Bruner

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This M.A. project explores the theoretical role and classroom implications that imagination has on motivating human behavior, specifically as it relates to second language development. The focus of this project is to examine the current research regarding how imagination and visions of a future self may contribute to motivating language learners. I begin by examining the complex and dynamic nature of human motivation and how a Complex Dynamic Systems Theory approach to second language acquisition prevents over-simplifying the concept of motivation as simple cause-and-effect relationships. Then, I examine the influence possible language learning selves have on motivating individuals, specifically imagining the effects target language knowledge may have on achieving an ideal future self. Finally, I will discuss how guided imagery exercises may be applied in the classroom to enhance language learners’ visions of their ideal self in the future.

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