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Master of Arts degree with a major in English, Composition Studies & Pedagogy

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Peer response is a widely accepted pedagogical approach to teaching writing that goes unchallenged by contemporary compositionists. As a common pedagogical approach to teaching writing, there is a vast amount of scholarship written on the subject; nonetheless, there is a significant gap in the literature regarding unsuccessful narratives on peer response. For this reason, this project considers two seemingly disparate genealogies of peer response and reads them analogously. By reading two histories analogously that are typically positioned in opposition with one another, this project explores a broader definition of peer response and its purpose. The project’s analysis of peer response in these newly defined terms is revealing of the impact framing has on the implementation of peer response in classrooms. This project intends to re-visit this pedagogy as other scholars have, and examine these two histories critically in order to explore the “consequences” of the telling and re-telling of those histories.

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