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Editorial Independence

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Non-AI publisher: Manuscripts found to contain AI generated content are rejected. Equally, IJE editors and reviewers monitor our published content against AI reproduction.

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Affiliation and Disclaimer Statement

Dr. Conesa-Sevilla attended Humboldt State University in the early and mid-1980s. At the time, he worked for what was then the Cal. Dept. of Fish and Game. He met Dr. Bill Devall at HSU who became one of his academic advisers and mentors. While at HSU, he was introduced to the works and ideas of Garret Hardin, Paul Shepard, Harold Proshansky, Rachel and Stephen Kaplan, Roger G. Barker, Robert Greenway, Dolores LaChapelle, and Vine Deloria Sr. He went on to pursue experimental work in psychophysics, psychobiology, cognition, and sleep disorders.