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Spring 3-15-2020


During my research using Indigenous practices in organizations, conversations about African agency were growing in Humboldt. The HC Black Music in Arts Association (HCBMAA), a newly established organization was created in partnership with people of color to offer sustainable programs for black and brown bodies. I explored the following questions throughout my research.

How do we re-indigenize Negro spirituals when it has been appropriated culturally since the 1900s? How do we address cultural starvation in a rural area such as Humboldt, where Caucasians demographically are the majority and improve sovereignty for people of color? A newsletter and the Harvest Event: Celebrating Black Culture were created to support cultural identity.

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Valetta's Cultural Stravation Thesis Project - 4_23_20, 11.30 AM.m4a (15509 kB)
Media with narrative story and singing from the People of Color choir sharing their sacred moments which is a part of their heritage. I help found the organization to bring cultural awareness and this media reflects my work in the community