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Conflicts on the Klamath


Conflicts on the Klamath is a collaboration between Massimo Lambert-Mullen, a Humboldt State University Geography alumnus, and Hop Norris, a local artist, activist, and water protector based out of Crescent City, California. The inspiration behind this infographic is the complex and rich contemporary history of the Klamath river, including the establishment of reservations and the construction of dams, roads, and monuments that disrupt the flow of salmon and disrespect sacred sites. It is a politically motivated piece that means to convey the cultural and ecological importance of salmon and criticize government and settler actions to disenfranchise local Yurok, Hoopa, and Karuk tribal members of their fishing rights. The visual effect of depicting water diversions in the Upper Klamath basin as salmon eggs conveys that salmon should be allowed to swim the full length of the river, and restore its poisoned ecology. Un-Dam the Klamath!

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