Humboldt Journal of Social Relations

Aims & Scope

The Humboldt Journal of Social Relations (HJSR) is a peer reviewed, free online journal housed in the Department of Sociology at Cal Poly Humboldt. Journal staff produce an annual themed spring edition on a current issue or topic. While the articles primarily draw authors from the social sciences, we have also facilitated interdisciplinary collaborations among authors from the arts, humanities, natural sciences and the social sciences. Many of our pieces come from a vantage point of public sociology and/or social justice.

Recent themed issues have included alternative food systems, teaching and research related to social justice, and the social implications of marijuana. We welcome manuscripts, prose, art and multimedia content from anywhere in the world, based on their relevance to the special issue theme. For example, in Issue 38, entitled Sexuality in the Post-Marriage Equality Era, we had an article about the Canadian Equal Marriage Charter, and we featured a zine and an infographic, as well as oral histories from gender non-conforming graduate students, in the format of short videos. Prior issues have contained poetry and other pieces of creative writing.

We welcome pieces from undergraduate and graduate students, as well as academics, and practitioners working in the field. We encourage collaboration, and interdisciplinary pieces are welcomed.