Humboldt Journal of Social Relations


Kim Berry


This article charts the underlying logic and structure of a course titled “‘Queer’ Across Cultures,” created to provide a transnational focus for the groundbreaking minor in Multicultural Queer Studies, spearheaded by Eric Rofes. Concerned that students would too easily revert to a practice of consuming diversity, I have attempted to weave together readings which complicate a colonial gaze by challenging hegemonic constructions of essential difference. My primary strategy in crafting this course has been to focus on the term “across” in the title. In other words to foreground and theorize the transnational within the production of both similarities and differences in sexual and gender practices, categories, and meanings. Through examining the gendered and sexual dynamics of colonialism, nationalist movements, and contemporary economic and cultural globalization, I seek to engage with the history of relations within and across nations that shape contemporary meanings of sex, sexuality and gender.