Humboldt Journal of Social Relations

The Humboldt Journal of Social Relations (HJSR) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal housed in the Department of Sociology at Cal Poly Humboldt. All HJSR issues are archived and searchable through JSTOR.

HJSR, Volume 46: Academic Libraries Creating Global Community will be releasing in July 2024.

HJSR, Volume 47: Place-Based Digital Inquiry is now accepting proposals. Please see the Call for Submissions for information.

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Current Issue: Volume 1, Number 45 (2023) Humboldt Journal of Social Relations 50th Anniversary Edition: Becoming a Polytechnic

Front Matter


Introduction from the Editors
Mary Virnoche, Jennifer Eichstedt, Erin C. Kelly, and Kyle Morgan



Transformative Sea-level Rise Research and Planning: Establishing a University, Tribal, and Community Partnership for a Resilient California North Coast
Laurie Richmond, Jeff Anderson, Josephine Archibald, Alec Brown, Eileen Cashman, Joice Chang, Clancy De Smet, Yvonne Everett, James Graham, Nayre Herrera, Bente Jansen, Jennifer Kalt, Aldaron Laird, Lonyx Landry, Daniel Lipe, Bonnie Ludka, José R. Marín Jarrín, Jennifer Marlow, Kristen Orth-Gordinier, Jason R. Patton, Frank Shaughnessy, Alyssa Suarez, Alexandra Toyofuku, Amelia R. Vergel de Dios, and Hilanea Wilkinson


Smoke, Air, Fire, Energy (SAFE) in Rural California: Critical Reflections on an Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration
Deepti Chatti, Carisse Geronimo, Cassidy Barrientos, Jana Ganion, Malcolm Moncheur, Peter Alstone PhD, Shawn Bourque, Tanya Garcia, and Tesfayohanes Yacob


Critical Realignment of Humboldt’s “Normal School”: Meeting the Changing Landscape of Teacher Education
Heather H. Ballinger, Libbi Miller, Sara K. Sterner, James Woglom, and Sarah McCue-Green


Narrative Medicine: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Address Burnout Among the Nursing Workforce
Kimberly D. Perris, Eden J. Donahue, Adrian Matt Zytkoskee, and Janelle Adsit



Conversations with Art Faculty: Visualizing a Polytechnic “Aesthetic Toolbox” for Hands-On, Community- Based Education
Alannah Guevara, Brandice Guerra, Berit Potter, James Woglom, Julie Alderson, and Nicole Jean Hill

Literary Piece


Mary Virnoche, Ph.D
Jennifer Eichstedt, Ph.D.
Erin C. Kelly, Ph.D.
Kyle Morgan

Managing Editor

Alannah Guevara