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Spring 2023

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Master of Science degree with a major in Kinesiology, option Teaching/Coaching

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Dr. Rock Braithwaite

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HSU Faculty or Staff

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Dr. David Adams

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HSU Faculty or Staff

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Dr. Jill Anderson

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HSU Faculty or Staff

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Dr. Chris Hopper

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Aquatics, Swimming, Disabilities, Physical education, Physical activity, Community programs, Aquatic sports, Education, Special education

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The purpose of the meta-analysis was to determine the impact of aquatic-based interventions on health-related fitness and skill-based outcomes for children with disabilities. PRISMA guidelines were used to complete the procedures of the meta-analysis. Twenty-three studies met the inclusion criteria and results indicate that overall, aquatic programming likely positively affects students with disabilities and health-related fitness outcomes. Recommendations provide direction for future studies to help improve intervention results.

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