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Fall 2022

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Master of Science degree with a major in Environmental Systems, option Geology

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Laura Levy

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Margaret Lang

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Hillary Jenkins

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Environmental Systems


Beavers have been altering streams in North America for millions of years by impounding water behind their dams. The recent historical removal (intensely throughout the 18th and 19th century) of these dams altered the hydrology in low gradient streams from dynamic anastomosing streams and wet meadow complexes to incised channels with little structural diversity. Anthropogenic structures called Beaver Dam Analogues (BDAs) are used as a restorative process by mimicking natural beaver dams that can reverse channel incision, increase ponded and groundwater storage, and provide low velocity habitat for aquatic species and vegetation. A system of four original BDAs was installed on Miners Creek and monitoring data was collected over the course of six years from water year 2016-2021. Here, monitoring data from water year 2021 is used to determine reach-scale storage dynamics and BDA recharge, ponded storage, and habitat suitability for juvenile coho (Oncorhynchus kisutch) based on ponded depth. The reach on Miners Creek was found to be predominantly a losing reach with BDA recharge only occurring during the onset of the wet season. At their maximum, ponds were found to increase storage by up to ~36 m3. During the dry summer months, however, there was not sufficient habitat to support recruitment of juvenile coho. This was shown to be predominantly due to issues stemming from a combination of issues pertaining to BDA structural integrity, water availability, and seasonal changes in water usage within the watershed.

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