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Summer 2018

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Master of Arts degree with a major in Sociology

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Tony Silvaggio

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HSU Faculty or Staff

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Meredith Williams

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HSU Faculty or Staff

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This thesis project is an in-depth examination of a rising subculture within cannabis users. With this research project, my aim was to explore and provide insight into the initial experiences of novice cannabis concentrate use as represented on YouTube while they are initiated into this emerging cannabis subculture. Referred to as “dabbing” or “dabs,” this highly potent and concentrated form of cannabis is being utilized by cannabis users to achieve greater highs and effects than those from the traditional cannabis flower. In this study I explored first-time “dabbers” by drawing from social media content in the form of YouTube videos in which self-identified novice dabbers are participating in first-time dab use. Using thematic analysis I explored patterns and trends associated with representations of first-time dab use on YouTube by examining the rituals and social processes associated with a novice user’s initial dab experience. I also explored novice dabbers experiences utilizing the sociological perspectives of Symbolic Interaction and Social Learning Theory related to drug use. This was done in an effort to understand practices and rituals of dab use, language use, and users response to dabbing when entering this new cannabis subculture.

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