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Submitted for RS 301's Oral History Project, student Myzanne Huss interviews community member Erikka Ingebretsen on her religious experiences throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.




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In this text, student Myzanne Huss interviews Erikka Ingebretsen on her experiences throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Erikka had an upbringing with both the Lutheran and Baptist churches through her parents, and in her adult life has been involved with Catalyst, a progressive non-denominational Christian church, for twenty years. Topics covered include the importance of LGBTQ community within religious spaces, Catalyst's progressive atmosphere, life as a transgender woman within the Christian church, and Erikka's newfound appreciation for Zoom as it allows her to attend several services all over the country.


Dr. Sara Hart's RS 301: Religion in America class submitted oral history projects for the Spring 2021 semester. The Project covers community members' religious experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic, how spiritual practices have adapted to social distancing, and how these requirements will evolve in the future.