HSU unConference

HSU unConference



Spring 2017 HSU unConference: Digital Scholarship, Publishing & Sustainable Learning

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An unConference is a series of brief (around 5 minutes each), low-risk, high-return, participant-driven discussions revolving around a particular topic.

Casual Format

The unConference is a casual forum for faculty, staff, and students to come together and share ideas about their expertise, interests and other exciting topics (with refreshments!)

Brief Discussions

Lengthy demonstrations are not the point! Have brief discussions with and meet others on campus who are excited about similar topics.

Everyone is Invited

Faculty, staff, and students. Talks can be about a resource you are passionate about, a tool you have created, or a new-to-you tool you tried that you want to share with others. Even if you don't want to present, everyone is invited to attend, discuss, and learn.

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