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Pomegranate Moon


Angelica Sage enjoys dancing between all mediums. She mostly dwells in the forest in her yurt with her lizard, Wizard. Clay is the love of her life because the elemental alchemy fascinates her. She also enjoys molding the earths crust into jewelry, and channeling marks onto paper. Angelica also loves to capture time space. She is drawn to make photos of what are usually seen as more intimate moments. All of her inspiration derives from the yoniverse. This particular series called Pomegranate Moon is about menstruating and reclaiming the sacredness in bleeding. As I offer my moon blood to the earth with great respect for her and myself, I offer these photos to the world as a form of resistance against my oppressors. May we normalize periods and honor our life-giving bodies. Honra tu sangre!

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MoonBlood.Sage.jpg (7394 kB)

How did you hear about Toyon?

Toyon table on the HSU quad



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