Eloisa Garcia-Caro was born and raised in Fresno, California. She’s inspired by graffiti, and her family, blood and non blood related. Most of her family is from different parts of Mexico, meaning that Eloisa grew up in a Spanglish environment. She related more to her family members that were into painting and drawing. Her uncle is her biggest inspiration and supporter. She was introduced to different mediums by her uncle, such as painting, drawing and photography. Her work is mostly about time spent in Fresno, whether it was her childhood and after, and even the couple days she visits when she gets time off from school. Usually, she’d take tons of photos and videos when she goes back to Fresno, and comes up with compositions based on the images. Painting and drawing are her preferred mediums, and it's all she wants to do. It's a passion of hers. It's something she's always been doing since she was a kid, considering her uncle gave her a sketch book before she could properly write. She had trouble with finding support from her family about her choice, and caused her to question herself. All it took to convince her to go through with studying art was one lady back in Fresno. Eloisa painted windows for shops during the holidays, and during one of her sessions, a woman who was clearly on something passed by. For a moment, she stopped Eloisa to tell her how beautiful she thought the paintings were and asked repeatedly if she was an artist. Eloisa said she was trying , to which she responded with “Do everything you gotta do. Go to school, and keep making work, it's beautiful.“ Then she continued walking, yelling at her reflection.

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