Angelica Sage Armijo-Keats first started doing ceramics 3 years ago when she begun HSU. She instantly fell deeply in love with molding the earth. Clay guides her to see the interconnectedness of all that is. The clay pulled from the earth with the capacity to recognize every hand gesture, combined with water for malleability, finished with fire to provide strength. She is completely encapsulated by the elemental symbiosis of the process. She strives to recreate the feeling of interconnection through manipulating high fire clay into organic structures. Angelica is intrigued by the potential of surface manipulation and not bound to any specific rituals with the clay body. Instead she lets her subconscious and hands work together to manifest the feeling of interconnection into the physical, to create sculptures that eluminate light. Angelica always honors the divine feminine within her work, calling on the power of the sacred womb space that nurtures all life, tapping into the same creative abundance that allows life to form and channelling it into clay.

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Advanced Ceramics

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