Understanding one’s sense of place is crucial to the human experience. Place could be defined as a physical environment or a niche within social structures, and It is the foundation understanding the of the world. This image is a juxtaposition of photos taken at 4th and E St. in Eureka, historically this street has been a place of power and privilege within Humboldt County, that has defined a sense of place for some while excluding those who have been deemed as the “other”. The base photo is of Chinatown in Eureka, there was once a community of predominantly Chinese migrants, who build a large proportion the infrastructure for railroads and industry. In 1885, the expulsion of Eureka's whole Chinese population took place after the shooting of city councilman David Kendall. Chinatown no longer stands, but the ill sentiment of defining place for others in Eureka still exist today. Within the frame, there are photos of people who live on the streets of Eureka and their accounts of unjust laws and treatment in Eureka. As time passes the physical environment of Eureka is in constant motion. Unfortunately, the assigning of place for marginalized groups has given rise to very problematic social issues, that imposes an unjust reality for some.

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