works in a wide range of mediums, the artist seeks to express a sense of affinity to the particular cultures and ethnic groups that captivate her imagination and provide her with the visual stimuli from which she draws artistic inspiration. This cultural inspiration leads her to create works that are infused with the patterns, colours, and design elements characteristic of the arts and crafts of specific cultural groups. Apart from cultural works, she also favours botanical subjects, with a special emphasis on plants from the African continent. In fact, the inspiration for all the pieces in this group of works can be traced back to the African Motherland.

Previous Circulation


1. Seed Bead Spirotastic_GS.jpg (678 kB)
Seed Bead Spirotastic (after Zulu beadwork)

2. Mask (After Kuba)_G.S..jpg (2274 kB)
Mask - Initial Stage (after Kuba masks)

3. Mask (After Kuba)_G.S..jpg (1581 kB)
Mask - Final Stage (after Kuba masks)

4. Aloe Plicatilis (Fan Aloe Flower)_GS.JPG (2039 kB)
Aloe Plicatilis (Fan Aloe Flower)

5. Wunderkammer Succulent.jpg (1597 kB)
Wunderkammer Succulent



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