Volume 53, Issue 1 (2007)



End Theme
Chad Harper


Invoking the Muse
David Holper


A Gringo Goes to TJ
Chad Deal


Court Orders
Maia Cheli-Colando


David Holper


David Holper


On Sorrow
Chris Hall


A Secret We Know Best
Chris Hall


The Force of Another
Megan Dill


Day of the Ravens
Jacob Lehman


Kate Ward Lehre


I Don't Want to Die
Kate Ward Lehre


Ballad of the Interstate
Jacob Lehman


Precipices and Jukeboxes
Seth M. Smith VI


How to Change the World
Kate Ward Lehre


Jessica D'Avanza



The Marriage Graph
Elmer Zook


Call It As You See It
Richard J. Martin Jr.


Becki Phillipe
David Madgalene


It's a Dog's Life
Paul Harper


Muse So Always
Erin Brianna Kirwan

Creative Nonfiction


A Deer's Corpse
John Osborn


A (true) Love Story
Erin Brianna Kirwan

Visual Art


Hat Left on Empty Train Seat
Jessica D'Avanza


New Paint
Dominic Efferson


Dominic Efferson


She Didn't Take it All
Dominic Efferson


Megan Kramer


Family Tree
Erin Brianna Kirwan


De Vita Vitam Pasceo
Stephen Clark


Phil Lesh
Christopher Smith

Toyon Staff 2007

Cooperative Editors
Drew Allen
Maxfield Atturio
Joe Baker
Jean Belef-Hoggard
Dave Brooksher
Nathan Campbell
Cristina Chohlis
Lauren Connolly
Dustin Crane
Daniel Duffy
Katherine Herr
Erin Kirwan
Philip Kumsar
Patrick Lynch
Naomi Millette
Robert Monteiith
Natasha Newman
Sarah O'Leary
Jessica Osborne
Evelyn Schmelling
Faculty Advisor
Jim Dodge