Volume 47, Issue 1 (2001)



The Acrobats Build a Ramp
Andrew Trapp


Wild Rice and Violets
Ann Webrman


End of It
Catherine Valentine


Meditation on Us Kids
James Faulk


My Mother's Diamonds
Andrea Marino


Ron's Alps Poems
Brian Derr


Sestina for Grace
Melody King-Ulrich


Laura Koskinen


The Waiting Room
Ann Webrman


Pas De Deux
Stphen Kopel



Jory Taber


Saturday's Child
Sharon Fred


How the Dead Live
Gina Ochsner


Hail the Eyeball Kid
Joshua Ramsey


Treading Grey
Andrew Feaster


Thorn in My Side
Melody King-Ulrich


I Am A Writer
Jeffrey Gurule'


Milk for the Boy
James Faulk

Visual Art


Protest in the Ruins
Laren Wallen


Leave Me Alone
Laura Koskinen


Draped Figure
Nettie Hedy


Untitled Photograph
Pete Stirling