Volume 39, Issue 1 (1993)



My Father's Hands
Brent Jenkins


Yellow Wing
Brent Jenkins


Sleeping With My Mother
Anne Seaquist


Oldest Brother
Annette Boushey


Paper Folds
Brett Newland


Chicken Surprise
James Mulanax


Turquoise Woman
Carolyn Dunn


Dirty Elbows
Steven Peralta


Christopher Cooper


Midnight Storm
Christopher Cooper


Raking the Pears
Neil Tarpey


The Chore
Peter Coyne


Dolls in America
Tracy Carlson


Marina Karam



Born Again
Joyce Madelon Winslow


From the Ashes
Susan Mumm Fitzgerald


Outside the Necessary Real
Brent Jenkins


Gilda Rander's Smile
Ron Stathes