Volume 36, Issue 1 (1990)



All the Zombies
Tom Ono


Grand Mentor
Ellen Givins


Robert Scheer


For Dave: The Sea Heart
John Lyons-Gould


In Your Gifted Dream
Vince Gotera


After Danzig
Karl J. Sherlock


Scissors and Comb
Karl J. Sherlock


Muse and Animal
Jerry Martien


Complicated Transactions
Linda Aragon


Boxing with My Father
Joshua McKinney


My Father, Shooting his Dog
Joshua McKinney


Tubal Ligation
Ellen Kelly


David Mohrmann


Hitler Youth, 1974
Steve Hayward


Ernistine White's Mother
Laurie Jean Martin


Lukewarm Water Woman
Russell V. Boham


Scattering the Ashes
Cathrine Stiles Goss


An Evening Walk
Linda Aragon


Baking the Yam
Nicholas Karavatos


The Wind Blows Through the Walls
Nicholas Karavatos


Gigi Cooper


Children of the Maragee
Peter Coyne


Shadowed Fingers
Suzanne Bowyer


Scott L. Miller


Beware, Deer
Laurie Simmons


Kansas Twister
Eric Faucher



My Karineh
John Isaacs


The Midnight Time
Jason Strange


"C" is for Because
Ron Statches


Speculations on Time
Steve Hayward


Songs for Children
Fern Chertkow


On the Road in the 80's
Ray Clark Dickson


When the Power's Gone
David Mohrmann


Empty Fields
Juliane Poirier


Agnation Rites
Danne W. Polk


D. W. Leslie


Joan Elk