Volume 29, Issue 1 (1983)



The Ant Lion's Grip
Mark Muckleroy


Three-Way Mirror
Laura Mullen


Holding Onto My White Self
William Clodfelter


The First Trout Talks
Peter Coyne


In the Belly of a Trout
Peter Coyne


As I Gaze at Her Picture
Virginia Ruth Howard


Theresa Love


Zen Teacher
Ronald Kane


At the Edge of Summer, Watching
Valerie Napawanetz


A Leaf in the Wind
Neil Tarpey


Evening Song
Claudia Keelan


Death Suite
Claudia Keelan


A Man's Choice
Brenda Todaro


The Night Before
Brenda Todaro


On the Phone
Laurel Tueling


Margot Jarvis


She's Getting a Tan
Margot Jarvis


The Water Breaks
John Lane


John High


Eve of My Dancing
Laurie Simmons


For Paul
Orin Adams


Friday, Jan. 29
Theresa McCourt


After the Wreck
Steve Miller


The Other
Darren Marshall


Larger Than Habitat
Lori Callies


Welcome Back, Anytime
Lori Callies



Warren Maher


David Schmidt


Old Towne
Patrick Millius


Nick Adkins


-wishing on a star-
Shelley Mitchell


Shelley Mitchell


To Athens
David Tyler


The Late Show
Matthew Miles

Toyon Staff

Dave Holper
Assistant Editor
Jodi Stutz
Editorial Assistants
Norris Beaird
Lori Callies
Nanette Kondrit
Mark Muckleroy
Brenda Todaro
Manny Benson
Todd Case
Warren Maher
Pat Millius
Dave Sanders
Production Manager
Pat Cudahy
Toyon Adviser
Judith Minty