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The Parent Reaction to Autism Diagnosis Scales (PRADS-2) is a 60-item survey, which provides 15 scale scores to measure a parent’s specific areas of strengths and difficulties in raising their child with autism. The measure allows researchers to obtain objective data on parent responses, and it allows service providers to tailor specific supports for parents. This peer-reviewed professional manual describes our research, statistical development, and validation of the scales, and then describes the steps for applications in service work, specifying how our measure may be used accurately, ethically, and compassionately, for the benefit of parents and families. The manual includes the informed consent form, the survey, scoring sheet, profile graph form, guide for tailoring services, a tailored worksheet, steps for follow-up interviewing, and a complete illustration for an example parent.

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Professional Manual for the Parent Reaction to Autism Diagnosis Scales (PRADS-2) with Guidance for Tailoring Parent Supports



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