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If water is life, rainwater is a fountain of life. The purpose of this book is to show how various communities have caught that fountain of life using rainwater catchment systems. This book looks at real, practical, global experiences of rainwater harvesting on individual, financially constrained, and community based levels through academic, mathematical and practical perspectives. This book can be used to learn practical skills, see inspiring examples, and to make math have more meaning. This book is for practitioners, DIYers, community members looking for water solutions, as well as for students and teachers in environmental science, environmental studies, sustainable design, international development, engineering, and mathematics. The book is broken into sections on rainwater catchment in general, types, components, gravity, calculations, implementation stories, useful links, conversions, and problem-sets.

Access a digital copy of the book here. Sales proceeds from the print version go back to support the book and Appropedia Foundation.


Engineering | Environmental Sciences | Sustainability


Water Supply, Engineering, Environment, Sustainability, Conservation

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To Catch the Rain: Inspiring stories of communities coming together to harvest their own rain, and how you can do it too