Susie Van Kirk

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The College Motor Inn property at 1645 G Street (AP#20-092-10) is recommended for the City's Landmark and Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. The buildings represent, both in their bungalow architecture and their original use, a significant period in Arcata's history when the Redwood Highway opened the northcoast to the rest of California. Built to serve those first auto tourists who came to enjoy the area's splendid natural beauty, the Barter Bungalow Court opened in August 1929 with eight units and was expanded the following year with the addition of another four units. Over the years, the old tourist camp has seen use as an over-night stopping place for the traveling public and also as housing for residents and students. In recent years, the buildings have been allowed to deteriorate and have suffered major interior alterations, but they are restorable to a condition which will retain their bungalow character.



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