Susie Van Kirk

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Descriptions of Indian sites on Humboldt Bay have not been attempted in this report. According to Loud (1918) there were 115 archaeological sites located in the Wiyot territory which roughly covered the lower Mad River, the lower Eel and fill of Humboldt Bay Approximately 70 of these sites were on or near the bay. Many of the important village sites have been lost to development. The clearings in the forest, streams, and bluffs above the tidelands were naturally chosen by white settlers just as they had been chosen by Indian people generations before.

Inventories of Wiyot sites in the area are being developed, but because of the concern that public knowledge of specific locations might lead to their destruction, great care is taken to restrict the availability of this information. The area's history, however, must be viewed from the perspective that Humboldt Bay was a home for Indian people long before that fateful day in the spring of 1850 when members of the Laura Virginia Association crossed Humboldt Bar.


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