Susie Van Kirk

Publication Date

Spring 4-2001


Redwood National and State Parks (RNSP) is required to evaluate the structures under section 106 of he National Historic Preservation Act to determine their eligibility for listing the National Register of Historic Places. As part of the evaluation, the Susie was required to document: 1) ownership history of the property; 2) the historic function of the property; 3) include photographs and the assessment of the historic integrity of the structures; 4) interviews from local consultants who may be knowledgeable; 5) report of the research done to find this information. Also included are a selection of detailed maps that span all of Humboldt county.

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Roads -- California -- History., Redwood National and State Parks (Calif.),


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73 2.Interview with Sally Tomlinson.pdf (2520 kB)
The interviewee named Sally Tomlinson lived in Eureka and was the youngest child of Sam and Delfina Pozzi. She provided insight on various buildings based on the photographs she was shown.

73 3.Pozzi Property Ownership + Census Schedules.pdf (2137 kB)
Brief descriptions of the property ownerships and the census schedules.

Pozzi Auto Court Store 3 6 01.pdf (5616 kB)
Pictures of different angles of the Pozzi Auto Court Store.

Site of Pozzi Ranch Buildings 4 10 01.pdf (2562 kB)
Scenic images of the road that's near the Pozzi ranch buildings.

Pozzi Auto Court Project.pdf (26689 kB)
Historic photographs detailing many locations that include the Pozzi Auto Court (1-5) and scenic roads (11-16). In addition, various maps detailing Del Norte County (Map 2-3) and Klamath River resorts (Map 6) are included.

RedwoodVacationHere.tif (899025 kB)
73 7c.Sublime Appeal-P1.tif (183481 kB)
73 7c.Sublime Appeal-P2.tif (183038 kB)
ForestReservePlayground.tif (874558 kB)
KlamathSectionSport.tif (887435 kB)
GiantsSportsman.tif (928574 kB)
Research Notes Camp RedwoodHighway.pdf (4892 kB)
Detailed catalog of Susie's research notes


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