Susie Van Kirk

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An extensive cultural resources document for the Eel River Estuary Preserve was prepared in 2014 to identify resources within the initial project area. With new project proposals and an expanded Area of Potential Effect (APE), several additional structures were surveyed. This addendum looked at three barns and a house, none of which will be affected by proposed projects. They were surveyed because they fall within the expanded APE.

Some of the research conducted for the 2014 historic resources document was applicable to the addendum, including land ownerships and newspaper references. For the present report, additional research was conducted in the Recorder’s Office and in the HSU and County libraries. Site visits were made and photographs taken during the first week of December 2015 by Bill Rich and Jamie Roscoe. Jay Russ, who runs a beef operation on lands within the project area, was also present during these visits.


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