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Redwood National Park and Prairie Creek State Park are coordinating a project to remove those portions of Ah Pah Road, East Ridge Road. and S-Line and B-Line spurs, located in the SE qt. sec. 3 and in sec. 11, 12Nl, all within Park boundaries. Since construction of the Highway 101 Bypass, Ah Pah Road no longer accesses the Klamath River from Prairie Creek State Park. East Ridge Road will continue as a trail to access dedicated groves and the Hope Creek-Ten Tapo Loop Trail. To assess possible impacts of the project on historic resources and to develop a history of the area, a field survey and archival research were conducted in November 1993. Land ownership records, maps, newspapers, other reference material, and interviews provided information to establish a general land-use history of the area.


Additional resources include Susie Van Kirk's Research Materials.


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