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Ike drove and Susie took notes. We started out by trying to identify the remaining dairies on the Bottom: 1. Cardoza (Masonic Lodge property on Jackson Ranch Road, formerly Richard Moxon's place; 2. John and Jack Mason's on Foster; 3. Louie Ferreira on Lanphere Road; 4. Jose Homem at north end of Seidell Road, old Pontoni place; 5. Collenberg on Mad River Road where road turns to the west; 6. Gomes on Parton Lane near Janes Road and on West End Road; 7. Domingo Santos on Vaissade Road; 8. Nicholson on Mad River Road; 9. unknown on west side of Parton Lane.

Ike said that at the end of World War Il, there were 154 dairies on the Arcata bottom and three creameries: United where Greenview Market it located; Golden State between 8th and 9th streets west of railroad; and a cheese plant Nye-Nissen in built west of present Recycling Center. He said that up to wwn, dairying was as good a job as working in the woods or mill. Twenty cows, two horses, a little tractor would net $1,500 a year. The best dairying period was between 1946 and 1953, but not paying much any more. Ike estimated bottom covered about 5,200 acres. He said it takes about 1 ½ to 2 acres per cow.

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