Native rare plants are an important component of ecosystems. It is critical to preserve these species because it facilitates growth of native plants. Ecological restoration provides the necessary conditions to encourage native plant growth. Gilia millefoliata, Erysimum menziesii, and Layia carnosa are three rare plants found on the Friends of the Dunes property in Arcata, CA. In this assessment, we surveyed these three rare plants and came up with a management plan for the Barr Parcel on the Friends of the Dunes property. Friends of the Dunes recently acquired the Barr Parcel and are waiting for restoration permits for this site. The objectives of this project were to locate and plot locations of three rare plant species, create three informative maps that display the extent of the current habitat for these three rare species, and prescribe a feasible management plan for each of the three rare species that encourages successful propagation and re-colonization throughout their natural habitat. We found that all three rare plants were present and abundant on the Barr Parcel. Recommended management includes invasive species removal, increased disturbance for Layia carnosa, and increased signage for Erysimum menziesii and Gilia millefoliata to encourage growth.


Spring 2020


Environmental Science and Management


Ecological Restoration

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Environmental Science and Management

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